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Bayala - A Magical Adventure

Directed by: Aina Jarvine, Federico Milella

Cinema program "Bayala - A Magical Adventure" in Trójmiasto

Cinema   Saturday, 29 February
Morning Afternoon Evening
Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe dub 11:00
Multikino Gdańsk dub 10:00 ticket 10:45 ticket
Multikino Sopot dub 11:00 ticket
Movie poster Bayala i ostatni smok
Original title: Bayala - A Magical Adventure
Production: Niemcy/Luksemburg , 2019
Release Date: 14 February 2020
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Aina Jarvine, Federico Milella
Cast: Rebecca Becker, Kathryn Cahill, Franciska Friede

The creators of the cinema hits "Oops! The Ark has sailed away "and" Luis and the Strangers "invite you for a wonderful trip to the land of magic. Full of elves and dragons, the animation "Bayal and the last dragon" takes viewers straight to the world of iconic Schleich toys, in which it is impossible to get bored. This is where you will discover the power of fairies and the power of dreams. You will find fantastic animals and learn spells capable of overcoming any obstacle. And all this in the company of friendly heroes and the rhythm of hit songs! "Bayal and the last dragon" - the most magical story of 2020 - will cast its spell on Valentine's Day.

For centuries, the fairy land of Bayala was a happy home for elves and fairies. Everything changed when the crafty Queen Ophira kidnapped and imprisoned dragons - the source of life-giving, magical power. Fortunately, not everything is lost yet. The hope of survival comes when the last dragon egg is found, and with it the chance that magic may return. There is only one condition! The first thing a hatched chick must see is his parents. For this to happen, the Surah Sisters, Sera, and friends embark on a journey of adventure and danger. They will do anything to connect the young dragon with their parents, unite the feuding elf tribes and bring eternal magic back to Bayal.

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Movie trailer: Bayala - A Magical Adventure

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