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Original title: Bobry
Runtime: 97 min.
Production: Polska , 2013
Release Date: 15 August 2014
Distribution: Spectator

Directed by: Hubert Gotkowski
Cast: Wojciech Solarz, Robert Jarociński, Sebastian Stankiewicz

"Beavers" is a black comedy, which is dominated by irony, grotesque and absurd. This is the story of making dreams come true and life in harmony with itself.
"Beavers" is the name of the now defunct punk band. They released one demo, then broke up, and each member has forgotten about music, dreams and great career. Marcin (Wojtek Solarz) just returned from Ireland with a sense of failure decides to end his life. Before the suicide prevents him random event - announcement of the sale of his old guitar. He decides to get her back and reactivate the team. Finds bandmates: Klock (Marcin Kabaj), whose way of life has become a trading psychotropics directly from the psychiatric hospital and the stench (Sebastian Stankiewicz), who took over the family business and leading urban public restroom ...

In parallel, we observe the activities of dark reapers who "Bobrach" are portrayed as corrupt officials, keeping order in the papers. Martin's suicide attempt was listed Reaper, degenerate same incarnation of Death (Robert Jarociński), who drives a beat-up black hearse, does not avoid alcohol at all costs wants to lead to the death of the boy. Only in this way Reaper can break free from the boring job on Earth.
Race with Death gaining momentum when the whole thing is mixed addicted to psychotropic hyperactive policeman.

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