Rudy kapitan

Directed by: Michal Kollar

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Original title: Rudy kapitan
Runtime: 115 min.
Production: Czechy/Słowacja/Polska , 2016
Category: crime / thriller
Release Date: 26 August 2016
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Michal Kollar
Cast: Maciej Stuhr, Oldrich Kaiser, Marian Geisberg

Maciej Stuhr ( "Clay", "traffic police", "Manhunt") in a strong thriller kept in the best Scandinavian style! "Captain Red" is a screen adaptation of the bestseller Dána Dominic, who lived firsthand the majority of what he described in the book. Polish co-producer is a company Mental Disorder 4, which is responsible for such pictures as "In the name of ..." Malgorzata Szumowska, "Baby Blues" Catherine Roslaniec and "Red Spider" Martin Koszałka. "Red captain" had already premiered in Slovakia, where he became an absolute hit - film Maciej Stuhr has been well-received by the audience and set a new record for the number of viewers at the weekend premiere.

Year 1992. After the fall of communism left many unsolved criminal cases, the perpetrators of which have never suffered a penalty. In the hands of Krauza (Maciej Stuhr) - an ambitious young detective with the homicide, falls into one of them. At the town cemetery they are found corpses with numerous traces of torture. Aware of the danger, Krauz along with his partner, however, decide to solve the puzzle. All clues lead to "Captain Red" - owianego infamous specialist "final" interviews from the time of bygone power. Few survived the encounter with him. For every minute that comes to light more and more facts and suspicions they fall on top decision-makers of the police and the Church.

Average rate: 3.0
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Włodek 3. September 2016, 14:13

Wielka kaszana .Szkoda czasu i pieniędzy.Dno !!!

roman 2. September 2016, 18:53

film bardzo slaby a przyczyna -nie ten aktorek

Emily 2. September 2016, 16:13

Dobry,może być.Tylko że, pan Stuhr jest tak świetnym aktorem że,inni nie nadążają.

H22 31. August 2016, 21:05

Ok. Dobrze ukazuje realia przemian pokomunistycznych i kulisy polityki. Zawila i wciągająca historia. Momentami krwawo.

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