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Każdy ma swoje lato

Directed by: Tomasz Jurkiewicz

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Movie poster Każdy ma swoje lato
Original title: Każdy ma swoje lato
Runtime: 77 min.
Production: Polska , 2021
Release Date: 12 March 2021
Distribution: Aurora Films

Directed by: Tomasz Jurkiewicz
Cast: Nicolas Przygoda, Anita Poddębniak, Maciej Grzybowski

An intimate story about youthful rebellion, first love and deeply hidden family secrets, awarded at the Gdynia Festival 2020. Anita Poddębniak, Maciej Grzybowski, Nicolas Przygoda and Sandra Drzymalska played the main roles with bravado.


The action of Tomasz Jurkiewicz's debut film takes place in a small, conservative town near Krakow. The local community plunged into stagnation is unexpectedly awakened by the arrival of a young, rebellious girl (played by the great Sandra Drzymalska), who destroys the emotional peace of a three-generation family.

Agata comes to Trzebinia to cook at the oasis. Seventeen-year-old Mirek, the son of a local organist, falls in love with her, and his grandfather, suffering from dementia, sees the girl as a lover from his youth. Mirek decides to use his grandfather's progressive illness to get closer to Agata. Discovering mutual feelings leads to the disclosure of a family secret closely guarded by Mirek's mother.

Although it is not an autobiographical story, the respected documentary filmmaker Tomasz Jurkiewicz tells in his film about a place and environment he knows well. By confronting values, he shows with great empathy the sleepy landscape of a province where real feeling and meeting a soul mate are at a premium.

As the director of the film says: “There is a rule of thumb that the first film must be made about the environment that you know best. That is why I set up its action in Trzebinia - a town near Krakow, where I grew up. Although it is not an autobiographical story, it tells about the people I know best and the problems that are dear to me. My heroes are ordinary - extraordinary provincial residents longing for true feelings, understanding and meeting their soul mate, who often forget that repairing the world must start with yourself ”.

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