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Directed by: Abel Ferrara

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Movie poster Pasolini
Original title: Pasolini
Runtime: 89 min.
Production: Francja/Belgia/Włochy , 2014
Category: biography / drama
Release Date: 1 April 2016
Distribution: Nowe Horyzonty

Directed by: Abel Ferrara
Cast: Willem Dafoe, Maria de Medeiros, Riccardo Scamarcio

The controversial director Abel Ferrara pays homage to one of the masters of Italian cinema. Pasolini situates itself far from a conventional biography. The film is a reconstruction of the last hours of life creator Decameron. Hero know when finished implementation of scandalizing Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom, and the covenant is already working on a new film. He meets a young man who takes to the beach in Ostia. Reckless journey ends with the tragic death of the director. Contrary to the expectations of some Ferrara does not deal with conspiracy theories circulating around this event. His habit combines the sacred with the profane and presents Pasolini as a self-destructive genius and secular martyr. Sequences from the life of the title character in the mix on the screen with scenes inspired by his unfinished script - Porno-Teo-Kolossal.
In Pasolini there is also a bunch of old associates director, the star of many of his films NinnetoDavolim at the helm.

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