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Movie poster Ted 2
Original title: Ted 2
Runtime: 115 min.
Production: USA , 2015
Category: comedy
Release Date: 10 July 2015
Distribution: UIP

Directed by: Seth MacFarlane
Cast: Liam Neeson, Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried

John and Ted still live in Boston and are very well. Except that John is now divorced, and Ted composed his own life with a charming Tami-Lynn, a bit trashy woman of his dreams. When getting to their routine, they decide to have a child that is to be bonded their relationship. And everything would be fine if the community does not Massachusetts, which does not recognize Ted as a man, brutally uprzedmiotowiając him under the name of "ownership," which ruins the idea of ​​adoption. Ted loses his job, his marriage is annulled.
Angry and depressed Ted asks John to help him sue the state of Massachusetts and regain its rightful law.

To fight involved a young lover (therapeutic) of marijuana - a lawyer Samantha L. Jackson (Amanda Seyfried). But when we lose, the last chance to remain a trip to New York and meet with legendary lawyer defending civil rights - Patrick Meighan (Oscar winner Morgan Freeman), which would help them to lodge an appeal. If you win, they prove to the world that Ted is not only fragrant Marycha teddy bear, but a full-fledged US citizen with the same rights as others stoned and sipping beer people.

Average rate: 8.0
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adu 2. August 2015, 19:02

chesz obejzec komedie to jest film dla ciebie ;-D

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