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Blood Ties

Directed by: Guillaume Canet

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Original title: Blood Ties
Runtime: 127 min.
Production: Francja / USA , 2013
Category: crime / drama / thriller
Release Date: 18 July 2014
Distribution: VUE Movie

Directed by: Guillaume Canet
Cast: Billy Crudup, Marion Cotillard, Clive Owen

Where lawlessness begins and ends with justice? Are people can be clearly judged as good or bad? Is violence in the name of the greater good justifies us? How can we change to save the love of our life? These questions pose an outstanding heroes of the film "Blood Ties" ("Blood Ties"), which released in Polish cinemas already come July 18.

The sensation of Mila Kunis ("Black Swan") and Clive Owen ("Children of Men"), who delighted at the Cannes Film Festival, brings to mind the iconic titles such as "The Departed" and "Drive". As in "The Departed" justice is no double face. Neither the police nor criminals do not have a crystal conscience. A spectator following him he has to put at stake their ideals and ideas, "trembling for the fate of the characters" (L'Express), and "feeling the throbbing sensation on the skin" ("Inside Movie").
In "Blood Ties" as in climate "Drive" love changes everything and everyone. It is a feeling, for which only the real men are able to risk his own life, the most difficult borders to cross. The story begins when Chris (Clive Owen) gets out of jail after serving many years of judgment. Waiting for him, Frank (Billy Crudup), the younger brother, who is a budding cop. Frank, despite many doubts, gives his brother another chance, help him find a job and in contact with children and ex-wife (Marion Cotillard). When Chris meets Natalie (Mila Kunis), there is hope for a new beginning. Frank meets with Vanessa (Zoe Saldana), a former girlfriend killer in the service of the Mafia. Although many brothers always shared, blood ties are most important to them. Is one day they will have to go against me?
"Blood Ties" play out in the stifling atmosphere of New York City. This "love letter dedicated 70 years of this" - critics raved about after the French premiere - "are immaculate costumes, built on a grand scale scenery and almost fetishistic use of music from the 70's" (Twitch Film). "Blood Ties" is a dark thriller Guilaume'a Caneta ("Do not tell anyone"), in which the main characters were played by Clive Owen ("Children of Men"), Billy Crudup ("Watchmen") and Marion Cotillard ("O Midnight in Paris "), Zoe Saldana (" In the darkness: Star Trek "), Mila Kunis (" Black Swan ") and James Caan (" Misery ").

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