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Song for Marion

Directed by: Paul Andrew Williams

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Original title: Song for Marion
Runtime: 93 min.
Production: Wielka Brytania , 2012
Category: comedy / drama / music
Release Date: 18 October 2013
Distribution: Hagi Film

Directed by: Paul Andrew Williams
Cast: Gemma Arterton, Christopher Eccleston, Vanessa Redgrave, Terence Stamp, Anne Reid, Calita Rainford, Alan Ruscoe, Orla Hill

The pair of main characters, Marion (Vanessa Redgrave) and Arthur (Terence Stamp), are an older couple living in a dingy block in Newcastle. She, unwaveringly cheerful, open to people, smiling and kind, attends the retirees' chorus, led by a young singing teacher, Elisabeth (Gemma Arterton) in a local community center. He, a bitter, grumbling tetric, arguing with his son (Christopher Eccleston), who shuts off people, only brings his sick wife, in a wheelchair once a week for rehearsals, without even going into the room himself. Because the choir is preparing for the competition, Elisabeth chooses a repertoire consisting of quite surprising and not obvious evergreens, like 'let's talk about sex'. Arthur, who loves Marion unconscious, sinking more and more into sadness and loneliness, considers it all as a complete nonsense, exhausting her energy and leftovers of vitality unnecessarily. During the whole story, under the influence of a series of various vicissitudes and events, the hero undergoes transformation, becoming a different man, reconciling himself with his son, opening himself more to people.

"For love to ...." The species closest is probably the hit "Girls from the calendar" and "Goło i wesoła". Playing the lead role of Terence Stamp, he did the impossible. His eternally sour, biting, sarcastic Artur, paradoxically gains the viewer's sympathy from the first minute of the film. The director, like a seasoned cellist, knows exactly when to move the string, so that the film does not fall into exaggerated, cheap cheeky. For moments of authentic emotion, they accompany the volleys of unfettered, sincere laughter.

Average rate: 5.0
rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0
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jaga 20. October 2013, 21:44

Film o nas i dla nas ,ładny i ciepły -warto, polecam -mało jest dzisiaj takich filmów

fretka 19. October 2013, 21:20

Film warty zobaczenia, który pokazuje, że na starość nie trzeba być złośliwym, zrzędliwym człowiekiem. I zawsze można zacząć od nowa...

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